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Introducing Y-Foundry!

Y-Foundry is a platform connecting the community with creators to propose, vote, and build their ideas.

Developed by the community β€” Owned by the community

Bringing an idea to market requires massive amounts of effort to coordinate developers, creators, and capital. Y-Foundry seeks to provide creators with the means to connect with the community and launch their projects. Anyone with a great idea can propose it to the Y-Foundry DAO, receive support to expand on their ideas, and find additional resources within the community. Y-Foundry enables creators and developers to connect, ideate, fund, and build the community-owned crypto projects of tomorrow.

What can I do on Y-Foundry?

If you have an idea, the Y-Foundry platform and community can help make it a reality.

  • Launch initiatives like:
    • Automating DeFi strategies such as auto-compounding, arbitrage, or hedging
    • Releasing an NFT collection
    • Building a dApp
    • Funding a charitable idea
    • Creating grants for open-source development
    • Starting an off-chain business
  • Fund ideas and share in the success of the project. Discover and complete interesting tasks to earn reputation points.
  • Work on projects funded and supported by the community with payment guaranteed by smart contracts.

Can existing projects use the Y-Foundry platform?

Yes! Y-Foundry provides sophisticated on-chain tools for community-driven building, funding, and governance.

These tools can be leveraged by your existing project to:

  • Find product market fit by allowing the community to fund the projects and features they want to see in your roadmap
  • Enable rich governance options to provide your community with a voice in determining the direction of your project
  • Tap into a talented pool of experienced developers and community contributors whitelisted by the Y-Foundry DAO

Whether you’re a seasoned project or just starting out, our platform offers the tools and resources you need to help your project succeed.

Where can I find the Y-Foundry DAO?

The Y-Foundry DAO community is here to answer any questions you may have and support your journey from idea to reality. Join the Y-Foundry DAO and build the community-supported projects of the future!

Find us here: