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Deployment stage follows these steps:

  • 1.

    Developer uploads contracts

    • Executes a Deployment Approval vote in the Vault Proposal Contract

      • provides Code_ID of uploaded contract
    • Strategist and Boosters review code and perform any testing/verification

    • Strategists and Boosters vote to affirm the code is functional and satisfactory

  • 2.

    Affirmative Vote from Strategist and Boosters initiates a Contract Instantiation Proposal

    • to instantiate the uploaded contracts via the Forge
  • 3.

    Hash of Uploaded Contract and Github repository are compared

  • 4.

    Auditors sign off that Contract Uploaded matches Github Repository

  • 5.

    Affirmative vote launches contract under Forge control on the network

MVP requirements:

  • Deployment proposal submitted by fYFD holders