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📖 Glossary


The governance token of Y-Foundry DAO.

Absolute majority

When a vote outcome receives more than 50% of the votes cast.


A person who has the Builder role. They have been whitelisted by the community to build for project vaults and the DAO.

DAO Members

The governing body of YFD. This is made up of fYFD holders.


An individual who has been whitelisted by the Y-Foundry DAO to develop code on the Y-Foundry platform.


The smart contract that gives users governance powers by committing their $YFD to a Forging Period. $YFD held in the Forge contract are represented as fYFD and grant a user the ability to vote on proposals, become a Booster, and more.

Forging Period

The number of blocks a user’s $YFD is held by the Forge contract as fYFD before reclaimable as $YFD. The governance power of a user’s fYFD is proportionate to the length of the selected Forging Period multiplied by block equivalent of time it is forged for (between 2 - 104 weeks).


The governance value of a user’s locked $YFD tokens. fYFD represents $YFD tokens that are deposited into the Forge. Once deposited, fYFD has a Forging Period, during which it gradually unlocks. For example, a user who locks in their $YFD for 1 year will have unlocked roughly 33% of their tokens in 120 days, or 50% in 180 days, or 100% after 365 days.


A Proposal type on the Y-Foundry platform. A Proposer can get support for a wide variety of projects through an Initiative Proposal.


In voting, when an outcome receives more votes than any other but may not necessarily achieve an absolute majority.


A person who creates and submits a proposal on Y-Foundry.


A person who designs a strategy. They earn performance fees on any vaults that they successfully launch.


The term investment strategy refers to a set of principles designed to help an individual investor achieve their financial and investment goals. This plan is what guides an investor’s decisions based on goals, risk tolerance, and future needs for capital. (Investopedia)


A person who provides specific support to enable the creation of a vault or other proposed project, usually in the way of project funding, is a Supporter. The act of doing so is called Supporting.

An NFT is issued to Supporters as a record of their Support.

Unlock Block

The block at which $YFD deposited in the Forge Contract becomes available for withdrawal.


A smart contract that allows users to deposit tokens in order to perform a specified function (strategy).

First generation vaults can only auto-compound rewards

Second generation vaults require a human operator to act on market contingencies

Third generation vaults have intelligent behavior and decision-making in place of a human operator


Community members who participate in governance in the Y-Foundry DAO.


Shorthand for Y-Foundry DAO.