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✍️ Image & File Conventions


Documentation File Location

Store Documentation html and md files to be used in the jekkyl markdown site in the docs path

Image and Binary File Location

Images and Binary files are stored in the asset path

Images specicially are stored in the asset/images path

Image & File Naming Conventions


Keep file names short and relevant.

Use hyphens in documents to diliniate words. Avoid using underscores or periods in filenames.

Avoid use of uppercase characters.

Use lower case characters, even if the file name is a proper noun or name.

Special Characters

Do not use non-alphanumeric characters.

Replace characters such as: * : \ / < > ” ? [ ] ; = + & £ $ , with hyphens or an equivalent word


replace & with and

Avoid using unconventional abbreviations or acronyms.

Always include the file extension at the end of documents and image filenames.

Three letter extensions are preferred over 4 letter where possible.

File Extensions


replace tiff with tif and jpeg with jpg

Date format

Write dates in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD