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useContractYFD is a custom hook that uses the YFD smart contract to perform useful functions on it and return values needed for our components


import useContractYFD from 'hooks/useContractYFD';



Return Value

Name Description
tokenBalance YFD Token Balance of the currently connected wallet



tokenBalance just uses our queryMsg under the hood to query for the connected wallets YFD balance

const { tokenBalance } = useContractYFD();

tokenBalance is given in micro-units. This is a convention of the blockchain and when we query coin values from smart contracts we need to multiply them by 106. We use a utility function called convertFromBase which takes the micro-units and converts them to standard currency units. In practice this is how tokenBalance looks when used.

import useContractYFD from 'hooks/useContractYFD';
import convertFromBase from 'utilities/converters/convertFromBase';

function BalanceYFD() {
  const { tokenBalance } = useContractYFD();

  return (
    <>Balance YFD: {convertFromBase(Number(tokenBalance)).toFixed(5)}</>

export default BalanceYFD;