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DAO Treasury

Forge Contract = DAO Treasury

The Forge is seeded with $YFD which can be accessed using an on-chain governance Spend proposal.

For MVP the Forge is back-stopped with an on-chain 5 of 9 signer multi-signature wallet holding the majority of the $YFD tokens. The majority of the DAO’s tokens are held in this multi-signature wallet post-TGE. This is a smart contract that requires the agreement of five of the nine (signers) to perform an action. The Treasury Multi-sig serves as a useful stopgap to ensure the healthy operation of the platform through MVP launch prior to moving all funds to the DAO treasury.

Multi-Sig Signers

Signer Wallet Address
Signer 1  
Signer 2  
Signer 3  
Signer 4  
Signer 5  
Signer 6  
Signer 7  
Signer 8  
Signer 9