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About The Supporter

Supporter Bot


The Supporter role is reserved for DAO members who contribute to a proposal on YFD.

DAO members earn a Supporter role by depositing resources into proposals. The resources contributed are utilized by the Builder defined in the proposal to achieve the proposal’s objectives.


Funding Proposal Requirements

Supporters are responsible for providing the resources necessary to help a proposal launch. This most typically consists of some form of funding but could also include any other necessary support specified in the proposal.

The funding floor for a Supporter is 5% of the total funding required. Supporters are able to fund more depending on their conviction behind a vault idea and ability to support. See Proposal Process for more details.

Governing Projects

Supporters are more than just financial backers of projects. For the projects they are supporting, Supporters also guide the direction of the project, disbursement of funds, and completion of the final product through proposal-specific governance votes.


The Supporter receives interactive YFD NFTs representing a share of the success of the vault they have supported. See NFT Generation and Profit Sharing Disbursement for more details.