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๐Ÿ’ป Development Process


Once a project vault has been fully funded and all development milestones have been locked in, development on the project begins.

Development begins

Once the proposal is approved, the initial payment (if any) is immediately claimable by the whitelisted builders identified in the proposal.

The initial payment is limited to the amount contributed by the proposer only. Booster funds are not used for this initial payment.

If a proposer and developer collude to try to take advantage of the Boosters, they would only be rugging themselves.


Specific milestones are detailed in each on-chain proposal. The project vault proposer and Supporters, with support from the Y-Foundry DAO, are responsible to ensure that development is progressing as expected according to these milestones.

Once the milestone date has been passed, Supporters can choose to hold a vote based on development progress.

YES Funds are released directly to builders for continued development.
NO No funds are released at this time. Another vote may be called when sufficient progress has been demonstrated.

{At the completion of each milestone, Supporters can vote to release additional funds from the overall escrow. Builders will then be able to claim these funds for continued development.}

If a situation arises where there is a need to cancel the proposal entirely, a vote can be called by the Y-Foundry DAO. If the DAO votes to cancel the proposal, the Supporters will receive a return of the remaining funds proportional to the amount they originally deposited in the vault minus any disbursements for development that has already taken place.

Development conclusion

Once the development has been completed, the developers submit the finalized code for review. The Y-Foundry DAO community and relevant third parties audit the code to ensure it is secure and working as intended.

Work is completed

The vault proposer and Boosters call a vote to sign off that the work has been completed. The final payment is now claimable by the project builders. The project proceeds to deploy on Y-Foundry.