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About The Builder

Builder Bot


The Builder role is given to the members of the Y-Foundry DAO community that are doing the work. This includes completing general tasks for the DAO as well as any development needed for proposed vaults.

A developer must be whitelisted by the community to work on Y-Foundry projects.


Completing Tasks

There are a variety of tasks available to support the continued operation of Y-Foundry. Builders are critical to ensuring this work gets done. Their unique talents and expertise bring new ideas, concepts, and features to life on the platform.

Bidding on Jobs

Each vault has specific development needs. The type of need can vary greatly depending on the project. A Builder places a competitive bid on one or more tasks related to vault development needs.

Completing Vault Deliverables

Should their bid on the project be accepted, the Builder will be responsible for completing vault deliverables. These deliverables are aligned to specific milestones established during the proposal process.



Builders generally receive some form of compensation for doing work on the Y-Foundry platform. The type of compensation will be detailed and agreed upon prior to the start of the task(s).


The Y-Foundry platform has the potential to serve as a source of reliable work for reputable Builders who build great things, remain competitive, and collaborate well with the rest of the community.