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Crucibles Defined

Crucibles are the working groups of the Y-Foundry DAO. They consist of small teams of specialists each with a particular focus and dedicated to the long-term health of the platform. They are the foundational pillars of the YFD protocol. The crucibles approach the DAO with initiatives to improve the Y-Foundry platform. If the community agrees then they will get the necessary funding to accomplish the task. See governance proposals for more details. (link here)

Not only do they provide thought leadership for their respective areas of focus, they can also help determine the direction of the protocol through influencing new vault/project proposals and critical governance items.

How Crucibles Work

Crucibles are dedicated to proactively finding ways to bring value to the ecosystem. They submit proposals for work that they believe will meet this goal, and must include specific details about what they hope to achieve and how their progress will be measured. If their proposal is accepted, they will be given funds to complete their task. However, if there is no immediate need for the type of work they are doing, Crucibles may be disbanded, replaced, or change focus to better match the current needs of the DAO. This helps to keep things flexible, relevant, and efficient in terms of managing contributor talent and treasury spending.