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About The Proposer

Proposer Bot


The Proposer role is granted to community members who initiate a Proposal.

Submitting the Proposal

  • The Proposer works with the Y-Foundry DAO community to refine a project vault idea.
  • They identify builders to work on the project.
  • They create a detailed proposal to submit to the Y-Foundry platform.


Funding the Vault

The Proposer must partially fund the vault proposal. This amount a Proposer must fund is 5% of the overall cost of the vault development. This will be used for the initial payment to the builders.

This not only gives the Proposer more skin in the game but also serves as a protection for Boosters wishing to fund the project. See Development Process for more details on this.

A Proposer has the option to fund more than 5%. They could choose to fully fund the proposal or leave some portion of the funding available to potential Boosters.

Managing Progress

Although the community will help to validate progress and test development, a Proposer is ultimately responsible for realizing the vision of the vault. A Proposer will lead the project community, navigating roadblocks to reach the launch.


The Proposer unlocks the ability to use the Y-Foundry platform to bring their ideas to life. They will get Booster NFTs representing a share of the success of the proposed vault. See NFT Generation and Profit Sharing Disbursement for more details.