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πŸ–ΌοΈ NFT Generation for Proposer, Supporters, & YFD Treasury

When the vault contract is deployed on Y-Foundry, Supporter NFTs are minted. Each Supporter gets NFTs representing their contribution to the project according to details stored on-chain.

These NFTs have the usual art and transferability of conventional NFTs with several unique characteristics.

Art Displays image generated from the proposal specific to the project vault
Ownership Represents the specific details of the Supporter’s support for the project
Governance Confers potential project governance rights to the holder
Benefits Allows holder to claim any benefits allocated to supporters of the project
Automation Eliminates the potential for human interferance or corruption during claiming
Transferability Provides the potential to be transferred or sold in a marketplace

Proposer NFTs

The Proposer will automatically receive NFT shares representing 5% of the project for proposing the vault. They also have the ability to boost their own project for additional NFTs corresponding to the amount supported.

Supporter NFTs

Supporters of the project will receive NFT shares proportional to their contributions.

YFD Treasury NFTs

The YFD treasury will receive NFT shares equivalent to 33% of the total Supporter NFTs generated for the project. The YFD provides vital contributions to the success of every project. This is an investment back into the ecosystem providing benefits to the DAO, support for contributors, and resources to further develop the Y-Foundry platform. This partial ownership of any project launched on the platform provides long-term incentivizes for the community to ensure each project is a success.