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New Version Release

New Release - Automated

  1. Clone the Github Repository for yfoundry-frontend

  2. Checkout main

  3. Create a branch to make changes git branch my_branch

  4. Make changes and create the PR/merge changes into main

  5. git switch main

  6. Run [version number] from the /yfoundry-frontend path

    • example: 1.6.3

Deploy On

  1. Login with YFD Github Credentials

  2. Go to Hosting
    • choose
    • settings tab
    • build&deploy menu option
  3. In the Deploy Contexts container
    • click Edit settings
    • select releases/v1.6.3 from the dropdown menu
    • click Save
  4. Click the Deploys tab
    • click Trigger deploy

New Release - Manual

Use these instructions if you didnโ€™t run the script

Local System

  1. git checkout -b releases/v1.5.0 main

    Replace 1.5.0 with the next version increment you would like to use

  2. git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/main releases/v1.5.0

  3. git push

GitHub y-foundry-dao/yfoundry-frontend repo

  1. Draft a new Release
  2. set tag to v1.5.0

  3. set target to releases/v1.5.0

  4. set title to v1.5.0

  5. set description to changes in this release

  6. click Publish Release

  7. Continue with Deploy on Fleek