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useContractForge is a custom hook that uses the forge smart contract to perform useful functions on it and return values needed for our components


import useContractForge from 'hooks/useContractForge';



Return Value

Name Description
tokenBalance fYFD Token Balance of the currently connected wallet
proposals List of all proposals in the forge
emergencies List of all emergencies in the forge



tokenBalance just uses our queryMsg under the hood to query for the connected wallets fYFD balance

const { tokenBalance } = useContractYFD();

tokenBalance is given in micro-units. This is a convention of the blockchain and when we query coin values from smart contracts we need to multiply them by 106. We use a utility function called convertFromBase which takes the micro-units and converts them to standard currency units. In practice this is how tokenBalance looks when used.

import useContractYFD from 'hooks/useContractYFD';
import convertFromBase from 'utilities/converters/convertFromBase';

function BalancefYFD() {
  const { tokenBalance } = useContractForge();

  return (
    <>Balance fYFD: {convertFromBase(Number(tokenBalance)).toFixed(5)}</>

export default BalancefYFD;


const { proposals } = useContractForge();

proposals returns an array of objects. Each object has the following shape:


Where addr is the contract address of the proposal, and index is the index of the proposal

We pass this array into the ProposalListAccordions component, and map through it to create ProposalListAccordionItems