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Why We Need Y-Foundry

The Problem

Today, online coordination is plagued by a number of challenges. Creators often struggle to hold builders accountable to deliver on their promises, and supporters have limited options for recourse if a project fails to meet their expectations. Additionally, many online platforms are centralized, giving a single entity control over decisions and resources. This can create security risks and limit the participation of the community.

Y-Foundry DAO is a community born out of frustration and contempt with opaque and exploitative crypto projects. These projects are often run by personalities who abuse their cult-like following to extract value from uninformed participants, while avoiding transparency and accountability for their actions and decisions.

The Solution - Coordination powered by the blockchain

Y-Foundry addresses these challenges by leveraging the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Accountabilityย - Smart contracts automate decisions and enable resources to be held until key milestones are met. This holds creators accountable to their community of supporters. If a project does not deliver to the satisfaction of its supporters a vote can initiate the return of remaining funds.

Decentralizationย - The Y-Foundry platform is itself governed by the Y-Foundry DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which is owned by the participants of the ecosystem. Every participant has an equal opportunity to contribute and determine the direction of the platform.

Securityย - Builders on the Y-Foundry platform are whitelisted by the community and verified on-chain, providing an extra layer of transparency and prevention against fraud. Funding arrangements between Supporters and Builders are managed through secure escrow smart contracts without needing a human intermediary.

Overall, Y-Foundry provides a secure, transparent, and decentralized solution for online coordination, enabling creators, builders, and the community to collaborate and achieve success without the need for a central authority.