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Proposal Contract Messages

This section describes our proposal contract. The Proposal contracts are instantiated from the forge contract as proposals are created. This means there are many proposal contracts at any given time. Below Iโ€™ll use a proposal contract as an example but it is only one of many proposal contracts that will be instantiated throughout the lifetime of YFD

Contract Address

Name Contract Address
Proposal terra1xl2jwtqc0whwulhsew5728fcl0v5d0yq0r7clhalp2aaap6dmjqs3jf7k8

You can go to the contract tab on the terra station web app to manually run query and execute messages.

Searching for the contract shows useful information such as the Code ID Creator Admin and the InitMsg that was used to instantiate the contract. In the case of this YFD contract the InitMsg is

  "name": "YFD Governance Proposal AAAB",
  "symbol": "YFD_GOVAAAB",
  "decimals": 6,
  "initial_balances": [
      "address": "terra1mgwy0jxfsmn8vtyxepntlzk6m7030jejkm5xhk",
      "amount": "24999852549"
  "expiration": 100800,
  "quorum_percent": "0.3",
  "vote_type": {
    "emergency": {}
  "majority_percent": "0.501"

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