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✍️ Proposal Process

A proposer submits the proposal officially through the Y-Foundry platform. This will turn all the previously documented proposal information from the idea stage into a series of on-chain instructions for launching the project vault.

Vault Proposal Process

Placeholder Requirements to meet for a proposal

Once the proposal is submitted on the Y-Foundry platform, the Y-Foundry DAO community votes to approve the vault. If approved by the community, the vault will then be available for boosting.

DAO members can become Supporters of a project by depositing funds in the project vault now available on Y-Foundry. These funds are to be used exclusively for the development of the project. Once the vault launches, each Supporter receives special NFTs representing their percentage of contribution to the development. See NFT Generation.

Supporter funds can only be disbursed to the pre-whitelisted builder(s) specified in the proposal and will be held in escrow contigent upon the fulfillment of development milestones.

Now that the proposal has been approved and has received the necessary funding, vault development can begin!