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YFD Contract Messages

This section describes our YFD smart contract. Based off the CW20 token standard as described here

Contract Address

Name Contract Address
$YFD CW20 terra1ss9zz4873vk4dd8dvua0vm83m6s8k7ctwp9efac0arytn6jthfgsy2d4a9

You can go to the contract tab on the terra station web app to manually run query and execute messages.

YFD Contract

Searching for the contract shows useful information such as the Code ID Creator Admin and the InitMsg that was used to instantiate the contract. In the case of this YFD contract the InitMsg is

  "decimals": 6,
  "initial_balances": [
      "address": "terra1upleyfx24jehpgfy9d79d9scps20ffuf6vy706",
      "amount": "10000000000000"
  "marketing": {
    "logo": {
      "url": ""
  "minter_response": {
    "minter": "terra1upleyfx24jehpgfy9d79d9scps20ffuf6vy706"
  "name": "Y-Foundry DAO",
  "symbol": "YFD"

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