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What Y-Foundry Can Do

The Y-Foundry platform provides an open-source funding and governance capability that enables and promotes building in an accountable, auditable, transparent and trustless manner.

Potential use cases enabled by the Y-Foundry platform include, but aren’t necessarily limited to:

  • On-chain, transparent funding process
    • Escrow capabilities for funds to be secured until ready for release
    • Timed funding disbursements through on-chain milestones
    • Automatic funding clawback option initiated via Supporter or community vote if milestones are not met
  • Community vetting of builders through whitelisting process
  • Job platform with on-chain guaranteed payment for completed work
  • Flexible options for claiming disbursements through the use of innovative NFTs
  • Unique governance mechanisms freely available for projects using the platform

And more!

Built on Cosmos technology, Y-Foundry forges the much-needed trustless tools and secure processes to allow decentralized communities to truly flourish.