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Contract Deployment

Once the code for a New Vault Proposal Submission has passed the final review by the community, it is ready to be deployed onto the chain. A proposal is submitted to the fYFD holders saying “Proposal ##” is completed.

Vault Contract Deployment Proposals are initiated by a Vault Proposal Strategist + Boosters Vote

The Strategist should be someone from the vault proposal leadership of the vault being deployed.

Once Qualifiers for Contract Deployment Development of the vault is completed and has been approved by the Strategist + Booster Proposal, funds have been spent and the proposal should hold $0 in assets.

Steps needed for a contract deployment:

  • 1.

    Technical Details Development Completion (off-chain)

  • 2.

    Development Crucible reviews code / “signs off”

  • 3.

    Contract Code is submitted for a Vault Deployment Proposal

  • 4.

    fYDF holders vote to approve contract code for deployment

  • 5.

    Contracts are attached

  • 6.

    IPFS addresses for NFT Art are attached (CW721 docs)

  • 7.

    Strategist image

  • 8.

    Treasury image

  • 9.

    Booster image

  • 10.

    Vault Contracts are deployed by The Forge contract

  • 11.

    Proposal Contract instructed to mint NFTs.



MVP Contracts are uploaded manually by the Developer