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Getting Started with a Vault Idea

  • Submit a Community Suggestion in the Y-Foundry DAO Dework site.
  • Work with the Y-Foundry DAO community to prepare and refine a Vault Prospectus

  • Once the Prospectus has been finalized, it will be posted in Dework as a task.

  • Interested whitelisted developers will submit bids on the task by clicking Iโ€™m interested in Dework. Community Suggestion turned task in Dework

  • Developers fill in the details: Developers submit details in Dework and Discord
    • The start date and end date for development.
    • Link to their Statement of Work detailing their development costs and any other considerations.
  • A specific thread is created in Discord where the developer can communicate with the proposer and community contributors.

  • A bid is accepted and the developer is confirmed.