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This section provides a basic overview of how the Y-Foundry platform works.

Y-Foundry Platform

The Y-Foundry platform is a decentralized marketplace for ideas, powered by the Y-Foundry DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). It enables Proposers, Builders, and Supporters to collaborate and launch projects in a transparent, accountable, and secure way.

Y-Foundry DAO

The Y-Foundry DAO (YFD) is the decentralized, community-driven organization that operates the Y-Foundry platform. It consists of a variety of roles, including Voters, Builders, Proposers, and Supporters, all of whom work together to bring new ideas to life on the platform.

Roles within Y-Foundry DAO

The Y-Foundry DAO supports a variety of roles for users to participate in the ecosystem.

Voter Bot Voter: A governing member of the community who has the power to vote on proposals and shape the direction of the platform.
Proposer Bot Proposer: Someone who wants to get funding and help to launch a project on the Y-Foundry platform.
Supporter Bot Supporter: Someone who provides funding in exchange for either profit sharing or governance power over a project, or both.
Builder Bot Builder: Someone who commits work to the platform, such as completing bounties or working on funded projects.

In addition, there are also the users of the Y-Foundry marketplace. Users are individuals who use the products and services developed on the platform, but are not necessarily members of the DAO and do not have the same rights and responsibilities as other roles.

The Forge

The Forge is the governance contract of the Y-Foundry DAO. Individuals can deposit their YFD tokens in the Forge to acquire governance power through fYFD unlocking the ability for them to perform different actions on the platform, participate in the voting process, and shape the overall direction of Y-Foundry.

DAO Groups

There are additional groups within the Y-Foundry DAO that play important roles in the operation and success of the platform.

Crucibles These are the working groups of the DAO.
Caretaker Council A dedicated advisory board for early DAO operations and security.
Treasury Multisig Key individuals within the Cosmos ecosystem securing a portion of the DAO treasury at launch.


The proposal process is a key part of the Y-Foundry platform, and all roles have a contribution to make. Proposers can submit ideas for vaults or initiatives to Y-Foundry, and Supporters can provide funding to help bring these ideas to life. Builders can work on funded projects and contribute to the development of the platform. Finally, Voters can use their governance power to vote on proposals and help determine the direction of the projects.

Proposal Types

Initiative Proposers and Supporters can pool funds to develop and launch a variety of projects, with built-in governance and management mechanisms to ensure successful development.
Vault Proposers and Supporters can create and launch automated DeFi investment strategies through pooling funds and using the built-in governance mechanisms of the vault. This allows for the management of development and distribution of profits to all Supporters.
Governance Y-Foundry DAO can perform various governance actions, such as Builder whitelisting, treasury spending, emergency proposals, and token whitelisting. These proposals allow Voters to make important decisions that shape the direction and operation of the platform.


The Marketplace is where users can find all the available vaults and initiatives from Y-Foundry. Here, users can browse for projects that align with their interests and participate in them as they see fit. To access the Marketplace, simply visit the Y-Foundry dApp . Here, youโ€™ll find a list of all the projects that have been developed and approved by the DAO. These projects represent the best and brightest ideas from the Y-Foundry community, and offer users the opportunity to support projects created by the community for the community.

Y-Foundry dApp

The Y-Foundry front-end dApp integrates all of YFDโ€™s products with a sleek and intuitive design. This allows for easy access to all of your $YFD assets and the ability to manage them in one place.