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Vault Proposal Contract Queries

Table of contents
  1. Vault Proposal Contract Queries
    1. Token Info:
    2. All Accounts:
    3. Balance:
    4. Votes:
    5. Marketing Info:
    6. Proposal Info:
    7. Proposal State:
    8. Funds:

Below I will describe the possible Query messages that can be used on the vault proposal contracts in both object and JSON formats

Token Info:

Gets the on-chain information about the token stored on the blockchain

{token_info: {}}


{"token_info": {}}


  "name": "YFD Governance Proposal AAAB",
  "symbol": "YFD_GOVAAAB",
  "decimals": 6,
  "total_supply": "24999852549"


All Accounts:

Gets all wallet addressess that hold vote tokens





{"accounts":["address", "address", "address", ...]}



Gets the token balance of the given wallet address. Balance is returned in microunits

{balance: { address: [account_address]}}


{"balance": { "address": "[account_address]"}}


{"balance": "78999989667"}



Gets the information on the status of voting. Balances are returned in microunits. Blocks are used for expiration and quorum_block





  "affirm": "24999852549",
  "deny": "0",
  "deny_with_penalty": "0",
  "abstain": "0",
  "total_supply": "24999852549",
  "expiration": 2619871,
  "quorum_block": 2519140,
  "vote_state": {
    "Affirm": {}


Downloads the on-chain logo for the token if there is one





logo not found: query wasm contract failed: invalid request


Marketing Info:

Gets the on-chain marketing information for the smart contracts token





  "project": null,
  "description": null,
  "logo": null,
  "marketing": null


Proposal Info:

Gets the proposal information





  "name": "Foo_name",
  "proposer": "terra1mgwy0jxfsmn8vtyxepntlzk6m7030jejkm5xhk",
  "proposal_url": "",
  "tvl_limit": "1000000",
  "contact": [
    "[email protected]"
  "developer": "terra1mgwy0jxfsmn8vtyxepntlzk6m7030jejkm5xhk",
  "development_cost": "67000",
  "developer_initial_payment": "0",
  "initial_funds": "5000",
  "booster_nft": 67,
  "treasury_nft": 33,
  "funding_denomination": "terra1ss9zz4873vk4dd8dvua0vm83m6s8k7ctwp9efac0arytn6jthfgsy2d4a9",
  "statement_of_work": "",
  "payment_schedule": 2,
  "payment_frequency": 10,
  "github": "",
  "expiration": 201600,
  "quorum_percent": "0.25",
  "self_vouched_information": ""


Proposal State:

Gets the information about voting on the proposal





  "state": {
    "InProgress": {}
  "initial_vote": "terra1vqgsa9lapqvzwkk4mcya924yku5fp5rzt5s4eezwagvud4uk52rqnvdr2w"



Gets the information about the proposals funding status





  "balance": "5000",
  "development_cost": "67000",
  "distributable": null