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Setup A Local Documentation Environment

If you would like to help contribute to this documentation.

Follow the steps below to setup a local working environment.


GitHub Account

  1. Go to Github

  2. Create (personal) GitHub Account

Docker Desktop

  1. Go to Docker Website

  2. Download & Install Docker Desktop

Visual Studio Code

  1. Go To Visual Studio Code

  2. View Menu

  3. Choose Extensions

  4. Install Docker and Dev Containers extensions

Github Desktop

  1. Go To Github Desktop

  2. Download Github Desktop

  3. Install Github Desktop

  4. Sign-in with Github Credentials

Github Desktop


Downloading the Docs Repo

Cloning the Repository

  1. Sign-in to Github Desktop
    • Connect to the repository
    • Filter Repositories by yfd-docs
  2. Clone yfd-docs

  3. Change Branch
    • Create New Branch
    • Give Branch a Name
    • Publish Branch
  4. Click Open in Visual Studio Code
    • Choose Trust the Authors

Visual Studio Code



While this documentation serve it’s purpose; new documentation is being written to improve the experience.

Building the Docker Image + Container

  1. Command+Shift+P (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+P (Linux/Windows)
    • Dev Containers: Open Folder in Container
      • click the Open button in the dialog window
      • Select From Dockerfile
  2. The Development Container will now build
    • Progress can be observed by clicking the blue View Logs text in the lower right corner
    • This process can take 5-10 minutes

Create a new terminal in the VSC Console

  1. Click the Plus Icon to open a new Container Terminal in VSC

new terminal

Running the Jekyll Engine

run start yfd docs

  1. Type ./
  2. Press Enter

Preview of Running YFD-Docs Instance

yfd docs working

Alternative Instructions


  1. Open Visual Studio Code

  2. File menu ( CTRL+O )
    • Open Folder...
  3. Navigate to the yfd-docs repo folder and click open

  4. Open Panel CTRL+J

  5. Click the down arrow next to + on the right side to open a new:
    • Mac: Terminal
    • Windows: Command Prompt
    • Linux: Bash

the section above needs clarification on the actions


  1. Type the following in the Terminal:
    • Linux or Mac: make build then make start
    • Windows: build then start
  2. Navigate your browser to: http://localhost:4000 to view yfd-docs

Thanks to Bill Raymond for the guide to build a working Docker Jekyll Github Pages Image