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๐Ÿ’ธ Profit Sharing Disbursement

Depending on the underlying strategy, some vaults allow Supporters to claim a portion of the fees generated by the vault. This process is facilitated through the Supporter NFTs. At any time, a Supporter NFT holder can initiate a disbursement of available funds from the vault contract to a claim contract.

If there are not enough fees collected to pay all project Boosters, then the disbursement will not be available until there is enough.

The claim contract is like a clearing house for the Y-Foundry platform - validating and finalizing the disbursement process between the vault and Supporter. The claim contract has a record of Supporter NFTs associated with that specific vault. It determines the amount claimable for each Supporter NFT based on the value set at mint and the amount already claimed for that NFT.

Each Supporter NFT has a right to claim a certain amount of fees from the vault based on the initial contribution to the project. Those fees are guaranteed to that NFT. Timing or disbursement claims from others will not impact the total amount available to a Supporter NFT. You can choose to claim at any time and get the full amount available to you.

In a trustless and automated way, this process ensures that all Booster NFT holders are able to easily collect the disbursement amount available to them.