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📜 Governance Parameters

➕Add Parameter


Parameter proposals affect values stored in governance contracts (Forge, Claim) and new proposals.

Parameters with a status set to ‘deprecated’ can still be queried but can’t be modified.

Technical Overview

Parameter Types


  • Types
    • uint64
    • uint128
    • decimal
    • percent


  • Types for V1
    • text

Text type is a work in progress for V1 and not available in MVP at this time

Parameter fields

  • Reference Name
  • Name
  • Description
  • Lower Range (optional)
  • Value
  • Upper Range (optional)
  • Status
    • Active
    • Deprecated

♻ Modify Parameter

Allow change of governance parameter fields:

  • Value
  • Status
    • Active
    • Deprecated

😴Alter Parameter Status

Allow change of governance parameter status field to:

  • Status
    • Active
    • Deprecated